How It Works

Food To School is the best way to get restaurant food delivered to you at school! Ordering is easy!


  • After you've downloaded the app, hit the order button to see what's available on which day. We feature a different restaurant each day of the week.

  • You must have a Food To Schoo e-Gift Card with funds available before we will fulfill your order and deliver it. You can get your e-Gift Card here.

  • Click the "Order Lunch" button and fill out the order form. Orders must be placed before the 12 midnight deadline for that day.

  • When you're finished with the form hit the "Submit" button. You'll see an on-screen confirmation and the details of your order will be emailed to you.

  • We'll verify that you have funds on your e-Gift Card and confirm your order.


When we confirm your order, you'll also be informed about the pick up location for your school. It is you're responsibility to be at the pick up location to get your lunch.


We will deduct the amount of your lunch and the $4.99 delivery fee from your e-Gift Card.

IMPORTANT: If you place an order and don't pick it up, and you did not cancel the order in advance, the cost of your meal and the $4.99 delivery will still be deducted from your Food To School e-Gift Card.


  1. How much is the delivery fee?
    The delivery fee for students is $4.99 per delivery.

  2. Is there a minimum order?
    No, there isn't.

  3. Can I place more than one order?
    When filling out the form, each order is for one student. If you're ordering for 2 students, you'll need to complete 2 forms.

  4. If I have a question or problem is there anyone I can call?
    (866) 535-1937

More questions? Email us at