9/16/17 - Thanks for your patience while we took a few days to make changes!

We appreciate all of the orders during our first week! Your support and feedback have shed light on 2 issues that we needed to address before we continued taking orders again on Monday, 9/18. These changes will make Food To School a better service for everyone.

First, it's important that your food is delivered to your school and waiting for you at the beginning of lunch. To make sure this happens every single day, the deadline for orders will be at midnight. So if you want us to deliver lunch on Tuesday, the order will need to be placed by 12am that Tuesday morning. This will give us time to get all of the orders processed and placed at the restaurants to be ready, delivered to your school and waiting for you at lunch time.

Also, we pay for all of the food in advance from our funds and there were too many students who didn't pick up the lunches they ordered which was money we lost. To use the service from now on, each student will need to have a Food To School online e-Gift Card with funds added to it. When we deliver your lunch, the cost for the meal and $4.99 delivery fee will be deducted from your e-Gift Card.

We understand things happen and lunch plans may change but as long as you contact us and cancel your order by 10am on delivery day, we won't deduct anything from your e-Gift Card. However, if you place an order, don't pick it up and you did not cancel the order, the cost of your meal and the $4.99 delivery fee will still be deduced from you Food To School eGiftCard.

If you have any questions about these changes, please call us at 1-866-535-1937 or email us at foodtoschool1@gmail.com.